Monday, February 2, 2015

Why Silver?

When I first approached my Internist about the intimate objects we were creating, I was a little hesitant.  As he stared at me while I was explaining their uses, I just knew he was thinking how could he transfer me to another Doctor.......then suddently broke into a wide-eyed proclamation:  "I LOVE IT!!!  You have no idea how many people I have watched DIE in the Emergency Room from things they have put in their bodies for Sex!!!  Silver is PERFECT!!"
Needless to say, I was dumbfounded.  I listened as he told me to do some deep research as to the medical history of the uses of Silver.  

Below is just a little of what I learned and it seems I just cannot seem to print this information enough - it is my belief that if people really understood the amazing physical properties of Silver, then it would be the only material they would consider using for Intimate Relations.

Everybody knows that Silver has been used as body adornment and decoration since humans began making jewelry.  But, it has many unique physical properties that make it even more appealing in its use of intimate art pleasure objects.

Silver takes a higher polish than any other metal.

* Silver is the whitest metal of all metals.

* Silver has a pure, sweet acoustic resonance, making superior silver bells and other musical instruments.

* Silver kills bacteria by breaking down their cell walls.

* Silver is inert in the human body.


* Silver is the most thermally condusive metal of all metals.

* Silver has the highest electrical conductivity of all metals, but does not      spark.

* Silver reflects 95% of the light that strikes it, making it the most lustrous of    all metals.

* Silver is used in filters to purify water to prevent buildup of bacteria and algae.

* Silver is used in the treatment of arthritis.

* Silver is used in the treatment of burns.

* Silver is the second most malleable metal (gold is first), making it elastic 
   and adjustable, holding adjustments in shape where plastic will not.

* Silver has a soft and sensuous feel to the metal when polished.

So, as you can see, Silver is not only Beautiful and Sensual, IT IS SAFE.  

To read more about the amazing properties and uses of Silver, please visit these links:

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Welcome to Sensual Silver Corner

Welcome to "Sensual Silver Corner".  As the Inagural Post, it is mainly for setup and tweaking, and a little Introduction.  

This is a Blog for Adults by Adults.  It is NOT Porn nor is it a 1-800 Sex Talk Line (yes, I have had a couple of those calls) and, as such, will not have any graphic Real Life photos posted on this Blog.  However, I realize that some people cannot visualize as I can and that a picture is worth a thousand words (and sometimes, a thousand breaths).  For those people, I do have photos.  In order to request and receive photos, you MUST be one of my Followers and be over the age of 18.

Sensual Silver is a Luxury Erotic Lifestyle Object (L.E.L.O.) Designer and Maker.  Our products are sometimes described as "Halo Products".  We custom make pieces to your measurements, because we all know One Size does NOT fit ALL.  We also only work in solid Sterling Silver, Golds and Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstones.  It is NOT for the money.  It is for Safety, but that will be the topic of the next posting.

This is a safe place for sexual questions and curiousity.  If there is a topic you, as a subscriber, want discussed, please email me. I will address these emails in a subject post as if they were my idea.  (Please be advised, any emails referencing illegal activities will be forwarded to the appropriate authorities.  You know what I mean.)

Thank you very much.